• L-shelf system


Azul Cadenas (Buenos Aires, 1973) works since 2001 as industrial designer after obtaining his degree in design in Argentine.

With Blue Chains design Azul Cadenas develops innovative and smart design for contemporary lifestyles. Inspired by modernity and tradition, he can get creative feeds from skateboarders style as well as traditional argentinian "Estancias" furniture and arrangements.

His award-winning Bamtak chair is being put into production in partnership with Arré and would be available in Europe in the first half of 2012. From June 2011 on, Blue Chains collection is available for retailers, designers and consumers through Arré agency.



Germán Yoraco González (1972) is a designer close to nature. Through his research on european wood sorts and types, he has come out with a portfolio of pieces with strong character and high sustainability.

Yoraco works frequently with local european woods (those growing in Poland, Germany, Hungary) and produces pieces that fit the vein and features of each particular wood. His designs are strong, reliable, modulable, and made to order. With the support of Arré agency, he developed a serie of furniture elements for mass-customization. Machine-made, but still specific to individual needs.

Yoraco is preparing the launch of Yoraco Works, coming up in 2013.


Juan Pablo Quintero Avila (1966) is, together with María Teresa León, founder of MEDIO design and digital fabrication. He holds a degree in Architecture from UCV Caracas, and has been active as docent, researcher, architect and designer since 1991.

Working from Barcelona, Juan Pablo Quintero has created award-winning furniture designs, architectural projects and comprehensive interior design projects.

He is head of design at Medio, tackling issues of technology, innovation, sustainability and esthetics.

Products in collection:

  1. O table
  2. C table
  3. Tessa table
  4. Elephant chair
  5. Xemei stool
  6. L Shelf System ® (patent pending).