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Our legacy collection 2011-2014 still available for special requests.

Stay in tune for new developments in 2024! We are preparing new pieces, new collections, new shows...


Our classic, winner of the Interior Innovation Award 2012 at IMM Cologne!

Insekt Desk

The Insekt desk, a classic design by the late Kellie Smits, made a significant impact on the market for kids and teenagers' furniture during its production from 2012 to 2016. This legacy product is available upon request and is subject to licensing with the Estate of Ms. Smits.

For further information, please refer to our contact form.

Insekt desk Adult IMM Award 2013


Designed by Juan Pablo Quintero of Medio Design, the L-Shelf stands as a triumph of ingenuity—a bookshelf that ingeniously addresses construction and stability through the principles of geometry and gravity. Its simplicity and subtly inclined appearance make it an eye-catching piece.

Available in sets of 48 pieces, the L-Shelf is delivered exclusively on request. For inquiries, please use our contact form.

L-Shelf White bkg IMM Award 2012

Our Story

Arré Design, founded by A. Paiva in 2011 in Rotterdam, aims to support excellent design and nurture talented designers. The brand made a significant impact at IMM Cologne in 2012 and Cologne 2013, receiving the Interior Innovation Award for the L-shelf (2012) and Insekt Desk (2013).

Since then, Arré has been manufacturing and distributing these award-winning furniture pieces and others throughout Europe and the U.S.

Arré was a pioneering and highly successful retailer on, the e-commerce platform of the 2010s. Through Fab, Arré introduced the work of Azul Cadenas, Juan Pablo Quintero, and Kellie Smits to a global audience.

Since 2016, Arré has been specializing in catering to contract and hospitality projects, offering bespoke solutions in furniture and interior design by collaborating with various talented designers.

As of 2024, our journey continues with the anticipation of launching a new collection to the general public.